I follow Shelley Giglio on Insta and it’s rare that I don’t see some gem that she has posted. Always encouraging, and typically pointing straight to Jesus. 

This post was directed at Ministry families and it’s SO true that I had to grab it and post it here. 

That heart stays tender by surrendering it to Jesus daily. Heck, even hourly. And in the same way I think you grow thick skin to it as well when you take it to Him. 

Surrender the ugly words, gossip and opinion to Him. When you’re surrendered, life in general filters through Him down to you. So I like to picture all of the hate bouncing off of Him and never making it to me. 

Keep yourself clean before Him, don’t find a specific reason to be offensive, and I think you’re in the clear. ?

Fist bump Mrs. Shelley, this post was right on. 



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