I’ve got a Network Marketing job and I’m a Pastor’s wife

I get so many questions about how to be a network marketer as a Pastor’s wife.  In addition to the questions I also get negative comments. So in light of my recent rank up and more questions/comments coming at me, I thought a blog post might help! Here goes…

I tell people about a line of products that are all plant-based. I went from the girl on the left – suffering with postpartum, insomnia for almost 4 years, chronic UTI’s that had me driving myself to the ER at midnight (many times), low energy, daily headaches, digestion problems, etc. 

And now I’m the girl on the right – none of the above issues and I’ve dropped 22 lbs. 

Can you see why I’d be excited about what these products can do?! 

I’ve been called a liar – these pictures are taken 1 year apart almost exactly. What you can’t see in the first picture, are the two kids on the right…and missing from the picture on the right are the two kids on the left. Meh. It’s just how the pics got cropped. My bad. For that, I’ve had an entire blog rail me and call me a liar – to which I responded…nothing. Because if you don’t know me and know nothing about me and call me a liar it’s just unfounded, and I can’t begin to address that with someone who makes such an absurd claim. 

I’ve been told I post too much about plexus. This is someone’s personal opinion and they are entitled to their opinion. They are also free to tap that “unfollow” button. #Justsayin’ 

I’ve been most recently blasted for posting a picture of my daughter with no shirt on. She just turned 6, was in the background of the pic and has 3 brothers who frequently remove theirs shirts to wrestle. To this I’ve got nothing to say. ?

Alllll of this is a precursor to what my post is really about because before I delve into that you need to know…not everyone is gonna agree with you 100% of the time. I cannot please the world, so I try and live for the approval of the One who created the world instead. 

And just remember…Jesus lived a perfect life and was constantly berated for not doing things the way others thought He should. As an imperfect person, I’m gonna receive the same…it all depends upon how you handle it. Take it to God, and ask Him if apologies should be made, forgiveness sought, or just your heart comforted by the King because of misinformed opinions. 

Now, when I first started telling people about plexus I was scared to death that people would think I was selling them a product. 

Nope. I’m not into sales. Been there in college at GAP, and I loathed it. So it’s definitely not sales for me. 

I’m telling my story. Because I felt so horrible and rotten and then so much better that I knew somewhere out there these products could help someone else too. And I can’t keep that to myself! So I SHARE vs SELL. 

I’m also a homeschool mama of four and my time to work any other job is severely limited. Add to that a husband who is frequently busy on the weekends, has random ministry things pop up, and writes a lot of lessons and sermons at night (like the 8 sermons he’s currently writing for a missions trip)…when does that leave me time to work outside the home? 

I grew up in a Pastor’s house, and my mom worked with my dad at the office. To this day she is still his assistant at Church. I LOVE this! It’s been amazing to watch all these years. A Pastor’s wife who is making an income and rocking as a mom. However, I’m a homeschool mom and can’t work outside the house. 

Where do we look for answers to life as a believer?? The Word of God. The Proverbs 31 woman is someone that we as women have been told for years to emulate…so let’s read vs 16-18. 

Verse 16 states that she has she has earnings, which means she has a job. If this were money given to her by her husband it wouldn’t be an earning, it would be money given to her by her husband. ☺️ We don’t know what kind of job she has, but something that brings in decent money because girlfriend just bought a field and plants a vineyard!

Verse 17 states that she’s energetic and a hard worker. Whatever she’s putting her hands to is exciting for her, and she pursues it well. 

Verse 18 states that her dealings are profitable. It’s ok to make money! As long as the money doesn’t grip your heart, you can rest assured that it’s Biblical to make money. 

It’s ok for me to have a job! It really is! It just looks different than a typical job because…I’m a homeschool mom and a Pastor’s wife. My job has to fit within the perimeters of those two things FIRST. Because my job comes secondary to my kiddos, and secondary to the calling placed on my husband’s life. 

Let’s chat about money, because trust me…someone is thinking it. So my salary with my company is pretty decent. You might be asking yourself what we do with extra money?? To which I say…that’s rather personal. But ok, let’s delve into it. 

A. See those cuties?? They are expensive. We save for college and enjoy little extras like piano lessons, soccer, and gymnastics/dance. Things that ordinarily we just never could afford. 

B. We bought a house that was barely out of foreclosure and is a hot mess. It needs a ton of work – we haven’t used our master bathroom shower in months bc of a major plumbing issue. So 6 people have shared one shower FOR MONTHS. ?

C. We’ve never taken a nice family vacation. Ever. We’ve finally planned a trip to D.C. and NYC this fall to show the kids some history and missions projects. We.cant.wait. And we aren’t flying. We are driving our youngest car, a 2006 Honda minivan. 

D. We’ve prayed for a long time that God would place on our hearts different ministries to give to, and are stoked about this!

E. Taxes. Enough said. ?

Also, I have a team of amazing ladies/men who stand with me. I get a chance to pour into my leaders on this team at least once a month. We open in prayer, we go through Scripture, we pray for each other, we talk about tithing…I will always use this “job” first and foremost as a ministry. And because the company I work for is in the private sector we can speak the name of Jesus EVERYTIME we are gathered together! At our convention this year the name of Jesus was praised over and over again. I’m proud to stand with a team that gets to do this freely when so many companies stifle this today. 

So are you a minister’s wife contemplating network marketing? I say go for it! I do not work on the Sabbath, and I don’t want my team to either. I do not talk to people about my company at Churh unless they stop me and ask me about it. Then I typically let them know I can message them later about it or we can grab a meal together (I can now afford those!) and discuss it then. I don’t mind passing a sample onto someone who has asked for it at Church but not much more than that. 

Are you someone who doesn’t like that i tell others about these products? Consider this…when you’re sick (depression, insomnia, exhaustion, eczema, auto-immune diseases) who are you focused on? Typically you aren’t focused on others. Me getting healthy meant my attention wasn’t on “woe is me” and instead I got back to doing what I LOVE – serving others. 

So the next time you see a network marketer give them a high five! They are brave for doing what they do. They are pace setters in a culture that doesn’t quite understand this line of business yet. They are out there making money for their precious families…and my family is why I do this. My God has given me a way to help provide for these amazing people, and I can’t say “no” to something He has called me to. 


7 thoughts on “I’ve got a Network Marketing job and I’m a Pastor’s wife”

  1. Thank you for sharing. This is such an encouragement to me. I’m a pastor’s wife & I’m also a pastor’s daughter. More Christian women need to speak out about the Proverbs 31 woman working and taking care of the home. I’ll be praying for you & your family.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your pastor’s wife perspective. My husband is on staff at our church and he was quite hesitant for me to take this on. I also don’t bring up Plexus at church unless someone starts the conversation. The struggle is real but different. Most of my social contacts and friends are a part of the church.

  3. You are so right! As you already know, it doesn’t matter who is against you, when God is for you!
    I know your parents are very proud, I don’t think there’s too many Sunday’s that go by that your Dad doesn’t say something wonderful about one one of you or the grandkids!
    You have an amazing family, and are such good role models for our young children, teens, and young couples. Thank you for sharing, and God Bless all.

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