Can I be honest for a minute? Aren’t there days when you’d like to just crawl back under the covers, eat that entire chocolate cake, throw the kids into school because you’re fed up with homeschooling, or move away to a remote location where no one knows you…just me?? 😉
Truly we all have these thoughts because there are TONS of articles and books written on the subject – obviously there’s a need for someone to speak to this specific life circumstance.
You can’t live based off of and out of your emotions because they are ever changing. One day you love the idea of working out and eating well, the next day you love the idea of grabbing a coffee and donut. You change your thoughts, feelings, and heart based off of outside influences.
When you live based off of God’s Truth, you’re steadfast, unshakeable, and immovable no matter what is happening around you. MAN! I want to be that person – check please! I’ve found exactly what I want!
But that’s not how today has gone – mooooooody kids, driving all over town, IKEA with 4 kids (what was I thinking)…yes, Plexus helps make smarter food choices and gives me energy. However the outside circumstances in my life still make me want to crawl back in bed sometimes. I don’t want to hear sighs, and growls from kids that apparently are put out with me. For the 1000th time – SIT IN YOUR SEAT at dinner! It puts me in a wrong frame of mind. Right? Are you feeling me?

(PS – I need this on a t-shirt, mug or maybe even just tattooed on my forehead)

So I straight up googled, “not living based on emotions” and found this AMAZING Amy Carmichael quote. Praying that today it helps you make a victory over your circumstances too.
“If you would live in victory over the circumstances, great and small, that come to you each day…and if you want God’s life and power to well up from the depths of your being…then you must refuse to be dominated by the seen and the felt.”
– Amy Carmichael

In light of this let’s walk forward today in what is Truth (right) vs what just FEELS right. 
❤️ , CC

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