It’s summer!!

At least here in Florida – when it hits March 1 our neighborhood pool opens. And an open pool means summer. 

And summer means shorts, sandals, and tanks…actually you can wear that in the winter here too. ?

Look at these cute sandals I bought on CLEARANCE! Y’all. Pom-Pom sandals. But they aren’t worth bragging about it if I hadn’t gotten them for a cool $16. And my cat thinks she got a new toy. So win-win! 

Look at me getting dressed, fixing makeup (not fixing hair), and matching said cat. I try, y’all.  

It’s Thursday and because my husband is a minister we view this as our Friday! So we celebrate the weekend with pizza – I buy the dough from a store and then put everything together. 

We all look forward to it. ?? Not true. I really am sick of pizza – so at the advice of a friend I’m going to halve a bell pepper, and make my own ?! Can’t wait to see how it goes!

I decided to paint our master bath today – not sure why I chose today, but I’ve been sick of the color since the day I originally painted it. Eek! 

The original color is the darker green – it’s actually a lovely color, but not in my small bathroom. So I’m changing it to the lighter color, SW sea salt. I cut in, and my husband gets to roll tomorrow. Typically I try and get it ALL done myself. But in the spirit of honesty I know I won’t be a Godly mom if I add much more to my plate for the day. 

And this happened…

So while I try and figure out how to fix this mess, I’m wishing you a wonderful Thursday evening!! ?

❤️, Court

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