Some moms can do it all (that’s not me)

I have friends and family tell me often, “I don’t know how you do it all!” And I think that’s hilarious! No one can do it all, least of all me. 

Let me tell you who I really am in my flesh…an extroverted introvert who is not high energy. I can be the life of the party, cracking jokes, hair and makeup done…and within about 4 hours of being at an event (church, missions project, school function, etc) I’ve maxed out and need a safe space to be alone. It’s just me, it’s who I am. 

I’m home most everyday with 3-4 kids, homeschooling, running them to sports/classes, meal planning, dealing with a seriously anxious and neurotic dog,  being a minister’s wife, and oh yeah – running a small business. 

Wanna know how I do it all? 

I’m not Suzy homemaker. I used to be crazy OCD about having a clean house. 

Not anymore. 

I just don’t have the time. I’ve hired a cleaner off and on, and I love her but I find myself cleaning the house before she arrives so she won’t think we are too disgusting. Smh. I mean, we aren’t gross, it’s just that there’s probably piles of laundry, a sink full of dishes, and unmade beds. But this is how we roll these days. I’m in full on survival mode. 

It would be considerably less “survival mode” if it weren’t for my husband – who frequently does laundry and dishes. Seriously. He’s not perfect, but dang…he’s a pretty good one!

I’m in the stage of life where my kids.break.everything. Like every morning I wake up and question what’s going to break today?  

Last month alone – my 3 year old swung from a towel bar (naked) and ripped it out of the wall. Some kid (because they all deny it) broke my amazing dyson vacuum in TWO places overnight. Poof. Literally ruined overnight. My crockpot (the second one in 6 months) broken. Dog bed, shredded. Stair railing pulled out of the wall,

carpet torn up, laminate floors with yet more dings, and a favorite lamp completely ruined. 

I’ve just listed the reasons why we live an hour from Disney yet never go. This mama is constantly replacing broken things. 

So, after reading this post please tell me I have it all together. Ha! People who think this I don’t think truly know me, because it couldn’t be further from the truth. Those closest to me should be in awe that this hot mess has survived another day. The next time you see me put together, help me thank my husband who most likely gathered the kids for a team meeting and begged them to let mommy fix her hair and makeup. 

Teamwork makes the dream work. 

You know what I can do? Work my business when the kids are occupied for a hot minute. Meal plan, wipe counters, and load the dish washer while they are sitting to eat lunch. I can utilize their little tails and get them to unload said dishwasher, take the trash out, and mop…I’m the only one using our vacuum these days. 

I try to utilize my time well. In fact this blog post is being written while my 3 year old is in timeout. 

And look….a half painted wall that one day will be painted. When I hire a painter. 

No one has it all together. We just all have different passions, abilities, and talents. Mine is not being a homemaker. I’m confident in the things God has given me gifts in…I love making soup for a mama that’s sick or just had a baby. I love helping people find out about plexus products that can help their bodies. I love sitting down and reading books to my kids. I don’t love teaching math, so recently we’ve decided to move to a match curriculum that teaches itself! ? (all the heart eyes!!) 

Let go of that which has been burdening you as a mom. Don’t like putting together killer Valentine’s boxes, don’t enjoy making gourmet meals, hate trying to make every meeting you’re asked to attend? Sing like Elsa, and let it go. 

❤️, Courtney 

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