Running shoes

When I mentioned I was going to start running, I had several friends tell me I needed to go get fitted for the proper running shoes. 

Of course I knew they were right BUT before I spent a chunk of change, I really wanted to make sure that I was gonna stick with this new found hobby. I started on Christmas Day, and have steadily increased my speed and endurance. 

So I went this afternoon to a running store in Lutz and the lady was SO nice! She watched me walk, and then run…in a dress. Whatever, it worked because she claimed to find the right one for me. Apparently I walk on the outside of my feet, but run straight. Who knew?!

Sadly, they didn’t have in the shoe that she wanted me in – to the tune of $120. So I googled it on the way home and found out that a store I frequent often not only had them but also had them for way less…$75!! And wouldn’t you know it, I also had a gift card to said store!

All totaled I paid $39 for the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16! Super pumped! And I don’t feel guilty for not purchasing them from the store since they didn’t have them in!

Major win today, my friends! After 1-3 shipping days my feet will hit the ground running again. Until then, its biking or plyometrics for me!

Another major win is this beauty…my newest niece! She’s just lovely! I found out she was born right before my run, so I spent some time praying for she and her sweet mom while running! 

Today has been great!

❤️, Court

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