Seeing no Manatees

There’s a power plant up here in Tampa called TECO. The warm water they pump back into the Bay Area is loved by the manatees in the winter when the sea water is cold. We’ve heard about it for a while, and yesterday seemed like a great day to go visit!

Look at that 3 year old stinker! He’s crazy, and definitely keeps us on our toes. But how boring life would be without him!

We walked through the mangroves, which I absolutely love! Saw lots of tarpon, some stripe fish, and my kids swear they saw a shark. IDK. 

We also got to pet some sting rays in a tank! 

The one thing that didn’t happen? A manatee siting. Our temps here are still in the 70’s and I think if we go back when it drops a bit then we will have better luck. 

It’s the perfect place to take younger kids – very safe, and so many docents around to answer questions! I highly recommend it, plus it’s FREE! Ya can’t beat that!

No training updates yet – I forgot they my older boys start football tonight, and I’m planning to go to our gym for an hour to workout. 

Have a blessed day!

❤️, Court

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