Postpartum and my Lonely Journey

I have a lot of friends that have never tried plexus, and I assume they think it’s strictly for weight loss and they can’t figure out WHY I’m constantly talking about the products.

Welp, get ready to hear my real reason about why I’m passionate about my relationship with Christ and these plexus supplements.  Growing up a pastor’s kid and then marrying a man called to the ministry I was afraid to ever let people get to know me.  I needed to act a certain way in order to not turn people away from Christ.

After my first baby, I felt amazing for the first 3-4 months and then started taking a downward turn.  I felt overwhelmed by anything – loud noises, sleepless nights, constantly worried by the health of my child (which was perfectly fine), and was starting to gain back weight from the baby I had already lost.


mommy and broc napping 2

I was out walking about 45 minutes to an hour daily with the stroller, going to the seminary gym and lifting weights, and counting my points with weight watchers.  Nada weight came off.

Around my baby’s one year mark I began to feel like my old self again…only to find out that I was pregnant with our second!  Big surprise, but ultimately a major blessing!  At that time I didn’t know that I had dealt with postpartum, I just knew it was rough for a few months after I gave birth.  I decided with my second to try and give birth naturally – so I used a birthing tub until the water got so cold I just couldn’t stand it.

in the tub with asa

Finally at 9.5 cm they gave me an epidural and shortly after my second baby was born!

First family pic with Asa

Again, postpartum hit.  But I got out and exercised religiously everyday – walking/running for 45 minutes to an hour and this time I also incorporated yoga.  I also was eating healthier, and had a small job that helped me get out of the house but the kids got to accompany me so at least I was still with them. However, just like the first postpartum year this time was still overwhelming, difficult, sleepless nights – and all my babies (until the 4th) were sleeping through the night at just a few weeks. 

Right when I started to feel like myself at that year mark, we got pregnant.  This time it was a girl, and the hormones hit fierce and hard.  This pregnancy was by far my hardest, and most difficult.  Whenever I ate sugar I thought I was going to vomit, my heart would race, I’d get dizzy. But my sugar always came back normal, so I told myself it wasn’t really the sugar that was the problem.  

Again, I wanted to try and birth naturally but at 7.5 cm I got the epidural, and my baby girl was born.

Audrey's Birth 036

Whoa, postpartum!!  With each baby the symptoms got worse and I feared they would never end, honestly.  I questioned what it would be like to live like this for the rest of my life.  I couldn’t do it.  I prayed and prayed and prayed to just feel like myself again.  

I had horrible brain fog, terrible UTI’s, cravings for carbs and sugars even though I was working out and trying my hardest to eat healthy.  Juicing vegetables daily with just one fruit thrown in.  I was so overwhelmed by life in general, and couldn’t imagine adding another baby.  Until…we did.

With my 4th I was just determined to birth naturally because I just knew it would help with my postpartum.  So this time I went to a birthing center which I LOVED, I so wish I had birthed all of them naturally.  Did it help my postpartum?  Nope. Gross out factor…I even encapsulated my placenta because I’d studied up that it helped with postpartum hormones. Nope. 

I did love birthing at the center though.  Leaving just a few hours after birth, I loved being able to call the shots on what I wanted for the birth, and I loved giving birth in a home setting vs. a hospital.  God bless all the nurses and doctors in hospitals, they are angels sent by God…it just wasn’t where I wanted to give birth.


Fake smiles, sleepless nights, sheer exhaustion, naps on the couch while my older kids watched cartoons, brain fog…these are all things a new mama experiences, right?  Sure, for a time.  Not for months and months on end.  I was going on almost 4 straight years of insomnia, and something had to change.

When my 4th was almost 8 months old I saw a friend post about plexus.  She talked about the natural energy she was getting, sleep was amazing – and I was sold.  Who cared about weight loss if I could sleep at night and had energy that wasn’t caffeinated during the day!

The first 5 days on the products absolutely sold me.  I was sleeping through the night, no more daily naps or entire days on the couch!  No more brain fog, NO MORE BRAIN FOG!  I HAD to tell other men and women about it.  I felt so incredibly lonely before – I had to paste on smiles, muster up energy I didn’t have, and constantly walked in a cloud because of brain fog.  Oh, and the UTI’s??  I wasn’t driving myself to the ER at midnight anymore because I was urinating blood!  Ack!


You know those sugar issues I talked myself out of with my daughter? The ones that make me physically sick? Yeah, it was unbalanced blood sugar. It’s just that what is normal for my blood sugar apparently doesn’t fall within the normal range that doctors look for. I kind of think that happens to a lot of people, honestly. One night on plexus slim (a yummy blood sugar leveling drink) and I was sleeping through the night. 

Naturally I love to tell people about things that help them – so when I felt better you’d better believe I was telling the WORLD!  And 2.5 years later, I’m still doing it!  So when you see my posts about plexus, or hear me talk about it…know it’s coming from a woman who was at a place in my life that was utterly miserable.  My smiles are now real, my sleep is now amazing, my UTI’s now non-existent, my weight?  Definitely down as well.


Plexus gets to the root of WHY you’re feeling bad – it eats the bad yeast overgrowth in your gut, it levels your blood sugar, it gives your body good nutrients, it basically begins to erase why you have pain, digestive issues, allergies, sinuses, skin issues, weight issues, inflammation, and even auto-immune problems.  It’s NOT an overnight change.  But it is a radical difference in health.

I tell people my story because I’m convinced I’m not alone.  You don’t have to feel bad, there can be a solution to your health problems and I’d love to talk with you about it!  If you’re experiencing ANY of the things I’ve written about then your body is sending you a signal that something needs to change.

Have a wonderful rest of your day – pray about whether God is letting you read this today as a way to change up a physical ailment.  I’m convinced all my prayers for healing from my postpartum led me to find these products through a sweet friend.  And I share them so others can find relief as well.

Love, Court

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