Mommin’ and exercise

Stayed up through the night with our dog who had an upset stomach…turns out the chicken broth we put on her food had gone bad. 

I feel rotten that we didn’t check it but we had been out of town and the kids fed her last night so they didn’t think to check it first. So I’m taking plexus edge today to boost my energy naturally!

When I woke up I ran and jumped on my bike for today’s cross training – I usually bike 6.66 miles through my neighborhood and the one next to us. But I tried to go a little further today and felt great. 

Now I just have to go in and work my arms. And this was my post workout breakfast – it contains the protein I need, plus some natural sugar and amazing multivitamins that help my thyroid too. I need something to eat that I can get in quickly! 

Protein shakes, and stuff like this is my favorite. I’m not a huge fan of protein bars, I’d rather not eat packaged food if I can help it. Do I live like that 100% of the time? Nope! But I try!

Can I just say I’m not sure HOW to be a mom that works out, homeschools kids and looks put together. This feels very much like me. Everyday. And I’m completely ok with it!

Currently I’m out running errands (if you see me and don’t recognize me that might be a good thing) and getting the oil changed in my husband’s car so he can have some time to himself. I married an amazing man who helps me with the kids SO much! He’s on vacation all week so I’m glad to give him some much needed alone time. #blessmyhusband #fourkidsisalot

Whatever your plans for today, fill your spiritual cup with time alone with God, and fill your physical cup with good exercise, quality food and supplements!

❤️, Court


There’s a runner somewhere inside of me, and she’s been itching to bust out and take off for years! I’m the one that holds her back! Ack! 

So I’ve set a goal to run a 5k on April 1! Eek! I’m very excited/nervous and started training on Christmas Day! Well, my 3 year old woke up before 5:30 am so I threw him in the stroller and took off!

I bought Nike running shoes today for $18.73! Someone squeal with me!! Thankfully I know that nikes work well with my foot for running! 

So I worked up to running 3 miles a few years ago but I injured my hip somehow and it halted my running. My hip didn’t return to normal for about a year. So this year I’ve got cross training thrown into my running. 

Can’t wait to get back into this habit. I know this will become habit within a few weeks if I can just push myself to go! My run today was ?? although I know not everyday feels good. So I have to speak truth to my brain that my body can handle far more than I think it can!

What new health goals do you have for the new year?! Let’s reach them together!! 

❤️, Court

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our family to you! We were at Church this morning, and are heading home to eat a big lunch and hang out with sweet friends and family. 

We allowed the kids to open gifts last night because we were heading out for the service this morning. 

Some pics are blurry because the kids were so excited, but you get the picture! ☺️

I love the looks of surprise on their faces! Priceless! 

Have a wonderful day, I pray God reveals Himself in a new way today as we celebrate the birth of our Savior. 

❤️, Court

Journey home

Travel for Christmas started yesterday morning. We left the cats home bathing. smh. 
We dropped off our bigger dog at a friend’s house and hit the road!

Obviously the smaller dog made the trip with us. He’s getting on up in age, and is so small that he’s actually easy to travel with! (Ok, so we really have a love for animals!!)

Bathroom stop and the older 3 were fascinated with…rocks?! Whatever keeps them happy!

Ahhh, Christmas Eve morning fun!! My mom found a picture of these and has been excited for weeks to make them for the kiddos!

Lovely, tasty santa pancakes with fruit for breakfast on Christmas Eve! 

I’m one of those minister’s daughters who also married a minister. So on Christmas Eve we are at church. Growing up because there’s not always time to make a full Christmas Eve dinner and attend services my mom started a tradition of making all of our favorite junk foods. While we indulge we watch Bing and Danny tear it up in “White Christmas.”

On the menu for tonight’s junk food dinner are chick-fil-a nuggets, sausage balls, shrimp dip and crackers, Mexican dip and chips…you get the idea. (If you love this type of stuff every once in a while then order Plexus block it helps block up to 48% of carbs and sugars. It helped me drop a few lbs over thanksgiving while still being able to enjoy yummy foods!)

What are some of your favorite family traditions?

Off to run the energy out of the kids!

Love, Court

Coming together

My hubby and I have read this book together for almost 40 days. He read early in the morning; I would take it and read it sometime throughout the day, and then we would journal our prayer to God. 

It was such a neat way to do prayer life together! And this book ?? – so good! It will expand your thoughts on prayer and how you pray. 

I loved reading through the different prayers he had each day, and it gave us something God-focused to talk on at the end of the day. Most of our end of the day convos center around the kids and schedules, this was a wonderful detour. 

I’d love to do this with another book or even a book of the Bible, so we are hurriedly searching for what to read together. I love knowing they we are both reading through/praying through the same thing each day. It gives us another way to connect. 

satan wants nothing more than to steal, kill and destroy this marriage. This is one way we are fighting back. 

What are ways you connect with your spouse spiritually?

Flying monkeys

Dinner time at our house is always chaotic. I don’t know what it is about a sinple meal that brings out the demonic monkeys in my precious children, but oh…those monkeys start flying. 

When I’ve been with the kids all day, it’s hard to keep calm. So when dinner shenanigans start, I can only quell the calm for so long. Spilled cups, many, many, MANY lengthy discussions on my choice of dinner, tooting and burping noises, spitting out of food….you feel me. 

Let’s peel that curtain back on last night. I made chicken tacos for dinner and thought I’d grab some chips and salsa from a close restaurant. (Let’s not delve into the fact I could have made my own, it was a last minute decision). And most everyone liked them, no spilled drinks. I mean, truly the Pope could have joined us last night and not thought we had lost our minds. But then…

Rarely do my kiddos stay seated as they should, so obviously the youngest climbed onto dad and became blowing raspberries. (Isn’t that normal at dinner?) And just like that there’s a flying monkey on the loose!

And then mere seconds later, a fallen monkey on the loose. 

Smacked his head on the table. Sorry for the blur, I wanted the pic but I wanted to comfort him too. 

Making dinner I’m fending off octopus arms trying to grab at grated cheese. I’m putting the lid back on the crockpot to keep curious fingers from touching. Shooing away the dog so I can open an oven. Tossing utensils in the sink that actually end up on the floor. And by dinner I’m feeling less than successful about the meal to come. 

It’s at the crazy times that I try and breathe deep, and ask God to take my weakness for pass me His Strength. Sometimes in those split seconds between flying monkeys and mommy losing it I think is where we can find the most grace. Don’t feel alone with your flying monkeys – maybe your monkeys look like parents, in-laws, finances, a job (or no job), a disease, etc. And it’s imperfect. And it’s where God gives grace. 

Love, Court

My favorite things 

Don’t pretend you didn’t hear Julie Andrews in your head when you read that title! I love sharing things with people, whether it’s a movie, a great shirt, my favorite shoes, etc. I thought I’d share a few of my favs here with my friends. So pull up a chair and let’s dish. 

First up – this nail color. I’m not up to date on the latest nail trend but for some reason I’m jonesing for grays. I’m not sure Barry loves it because it’s definitely different, but it’s a keeper for me!

Leopard. Anything and everything, bring on more of it. From belts to shoes, scarves and accessories I love!!

This Netflix show, which I am watching with Barry so I can’t binge. (Who has the time tho)! But our end of the year vacation officially started so it’s ON! 

Chucks. I wore them in high school and I’m pleased as punch that they are back in style. I wear flip flops often because we live in Florida, but these have gotten equal playing time this entire year. 

Ok, two of my favorites in one pic…I discovered Chanel perfume when I lived overseas 13 years ago. To this day it’s the only perfume I wear. However I highly suggest spraying it on clothes instead of skin because there are things in it they are better off not on your body. However that goes for any perfume. 

The second thing in this picture that’s a fav is the walk color! It’s by Benjamin Moore and called “Rockport Gray.” A more perfect color has yet to be discovered. Well, imo. It’s a beautiful gray in some lights, and a warm mocha color in other lights. This is in our master bedroom, but I’m repainting our downstairs this color in the new year. 

A love I can only find at target for now, but totally worth the trip to one! This salad…it’s amazing! Super easy for this busy mama, healthy as long as you watch how much dressing you add, and lasts me two meals. 

Finally, I have to give a MAJORA shoutout to my favorite supplements from plexus. Huge for your immunity and I give it to everyone in the family, both young and old. If you take probiotics and vitamins try these for 60 days and I bet you’ll be hooked as well. 

So that’s a handful of my favs – what are some of yours? I’d love to add to my list by your suggestions!!

Love, Court

Travel with Kids

Let’s bumble through travel with kids together, shall we?  We don’t take long car rides with them often, but the few times we’ve done it I became OCD about planning ahead.

We have an (older) mini-van so the individual space for them is brilliant!  It’s a life saver for sure!  In advance of the trip I would scout out all of the clearance items at Target and made a few trips to the dollar store to stock up on goodies.  Then I divided up the hours it would take to drive and decided how often I would pass out the next entertainment.  On our 12 hour drive from FL to MS it worked out pretty well!  The key, imo, was to NOT tell them what I was taking, and then they were surprised and delighted when I pulled things out instead of whining that they knew what all I had and wanted something different.  I told you I thought this through!

In addition to books for everyone to read, and a kids kindle that our neighbors downloaded 3 movies onto, I needed something that would keep my kids occupied for HOURS.  For my older 3 I bought a single pack of Crayola twistable crayons – my thought process on this was if they left them in the car then they would melt like a normal crayon.  I’m big on them sharing so thus buying just one pack and forcing sibling rationing. For my younger guy I found this water paint book on clearance at Target and it was a hit!  Even the older kiddos wanted some time playing with it.

Then I got creative and at the Dollar Store picked up foam papers and foam stickers, pipe cleaners to bend and twist into fun shapes (and if you dare, beads for them to make jewelry too – I didn’t dare), coloring/activity books, and small toy cars for my youngest.

Think that’s it?  No way, I’m a homeschool mom and wanted to incorporate some learning into this trip as well.  I made everyone their own little folder with a map from our house all the way to their grandparents house – they could track where we were going themselves with crayons, and then I included a map for the way back.  I pulled together facts for the states of FL and MS so they could read up when they got really bored (or read it to their younger siblings), and car bingo for a fun game as well.  You could always make up blank hang man sheets, the dots and boxes game, mazes, word searches, etc.  I hole punched these and got those cheap folders from the dollar store to hold everything.

I knew driving straight wasn’t an option for us.  Bless you for being able to do that if that’s your cup of tea.  We breaked at two major stops along the way in addition to a few gas stations.  We walked downtown Tallahassee and went into some of the government buildings and then also stopped for a while at the USS Alabama in Mobile.  That tour cost some money, but we knew in advance we were going to go so we planned ahead.

So if you’re traveling this week (or next) for the holidays I hope this helps!   What have you found in the past that gets you to your destination a little more sane?

Blessings, Court

New Kid on the Block – take 3

I’ve started a blog a few times and failed.  (Anyone else??)  I  can’t seem to shake wanting to use the written word to connect with others, so here’s my third attempt.  (Insert the obligatory – third time is the charm).

What is it about writing out my day-to-day life that is so appealing to me?  As I’ve dredged through my thoughts on this I believe it goes back to the ultimate Word, the Bible.  In 2 Corinthians 1:4 Paul writes that we are comforted in our afflictions to be a comfort to others.  Granted I’ve never been shipwrecked, beaten, bitten by snakes, stoned, etc. but I feel that there’s so much that an average mother/wife/minister’s family can face daily and comfort other women in the same position.

These written words daily won’t encompass a treatise on theology, a celebrity chaser, or a “woe is me, I’m a homeschool mother of four and my life is so hard” type of blog.  I do in fact love some of those things, minus the whining…I can’t stand whining, but primarily I look forward to simply sharing what happens when you pull back the curtain on the modern, American family with a world-view heart.

Can I introduce you to the people I do life with?  They are, in my extremely unbiased opinion, amazing.  God gifted me with my husband in marriage almost 12 years ago and we began having children 9 years ago.  Four to be exact, ages 3, 5, 7, and 9.  All different personalities, and all look exactly like their father.  As if I had nothing to do with their gene pool, which seems unfair since I bear the stretch marks to prove I did in fact birth the babes.  My husband on the other hand, weighs less than he did in high school.  Can we take a minute to just breathe deeply for a second and pass through that judgmental cloud? (Deep breath – I will not be resentful, I will love him as he is since he is quite wonderful – exhale).

Look at them, standing there so nicely.  Would you believe we chased them around, bribed them with chocolate, begged, pleaded, and threatened over the course of an hour to get just 2 good shots where everyone is looking?  #truestory I bet you have your own tales of the same sort of photography sesh.

The girl with the short blonde hair, that’s me.  I’m muddling through life based on the grace of God, a husband I don’t deserve, and amazing supplements by Plexus.  That’s right, I’m one of those.  This blog won’t feature everyday about plexus, but because of what it’s done for me I will discuss.

Pull up a comfy chair, a mug of tea or coffee, and let’s start a conversation that hopefully you’ll want to come back daily to engage in.  I’m just me, and you’re just you.  But together we can share in our comforts by an Almighty God and pursue the things He’s called us to – even being a homeschool mama, a working mama, a single mama, a teenage mama, or a mama who doesn’t have children in her nest anymore.

Until tomorrow, may you trade your weakness for His Strength…

Love, Court