Curve balls in life 

It popped. That bubble I’ve apparently been living in for my entire life that told me the “slow down” is right around the corner just popped a few weeks ago. Because of that I’ve taken a good look at the truly important things around me and decided that I’ve got to spend more time focused on them. 

This is a real picture of me. I had been gone all weekend at a plexus retreat, came home to some stressful news (aka a curveball) and laced up my shoes to go run and workout. 
I walked in the house from working out, made a casserole for tomorrow (Sunday) morning, grabbed “On the Banks of Plum Creek” and sat down to read a few chapters to Audrey. 

I don’t love the picture because of the way it looks, but rather what it represents. It represents an emotional fragile mama, who sat down to read to one child and somehow the other three slipped in and listened as well (4th child was sitting on the floor in front of me, and my husband took the pic). 

I love this. I love the kids cuddled up close listening as I read. It started years ago with little books of first words, transitioned to Mickey Mouse books, and still a favorite are the Curious George books. In fact when this stage of life where they listen to me read is over, I’m gonna really struggle. But I do often miss these times with the kids because I’m SO BUSY and I think “next week is gonna be slower, and I’ll do it then.”

That bubble popping came when God revealed this to me a few weeks ago. Things are never going to slow down and get easier. They just aren’t. It’s a fantasy to believe it. 

You can have that vacation planned for next month and assume it’s going to be a certain way, but I promise something is gonna pop up that throws some kind of curveball. Please don’t utter the words, “I’ll get to (fill in the blank) when things slow down.” 

It ain’t happening. 

So fill your time with things that are important NOW. Prepare as best you can for the curveballs, because just like it happened for me today it’s gonna come your way too. Lay the worry/burden/anxiety down at the feet of Jesus (like really do it) and ask that He would be your peace/wisdom/strength/source of life during these curveball times. 

In learning this new lesson, I shared it with a few friends and they agreed with me. So I thought I’d pass it on here as well. Pop that expection of slowing down bubble and and make time for the really, really important things. You’ll never regret doing them. 



I follow Shelley Giglio on Insta and it’s rare that I don’t see some gem that she has posted. Always encouraging, and typically pointing straight to Jesus. 

This post was directed at Ministry families and it’s SO true that I had to grab it and post it here. 

That heart stays tender by surrendering it to Jesus daily. Heck, even hourly. And in the same way I think you grow thick skin to it as well when you take it to Him. 

Surrender the ugly words, gossip and opinion to Him. When you’re surrendered, life in general filters through Him down to you. So I like to picture all of the hate bouncing off of Him and never making it to me. 

Keep yourself clean before Him, don’t find a specific reason to be offensive, and I think you’re in the clear. ?

Fist bump Mrs. Shelley, this post was right on. 



I’ve got a Network Marketing job and I’m a Pastor’s wife

I get so many questions about how to be a network marketer as a Pastor’s wife.  In addition to the questions I also get negative comments. So in light of my recent rank up and more questions/comments coming at me, I thought a blog post might help! Here goes…

I tell people about a line of products that are all plant-based. I went from the girl on the left – suffering with postpartum, insomnia for almost 4 years, chronic UTI’s that had me driving myself to the ER at midnight (many times), low energy, daily headaches, digestion problems, etc. 

And now I’m the girl on the right – none of the above issues and I’ve dropped 22 lbs. 

Can you see why I’d be excited about what these products can do?! 

I’ve been called a liar – these pictures are taken 1 year apart almost exactly. What you can’t see in the first picture, are the two kids on the right…and missing from the picture on the right are the two kids on the left. Meh. It’s just how the pics got cropped. My bad. For that, I’ve had an entire blog rail me and call me a liar – to which I responded…nothing. Because if you don’t know me and know nothing about me and call me a liar it’s just unfounded, and I can’t begin to address that with someone who makes such an absurd claim. 

I’ve been told I post too much about plexus. This is someone’s personal opinion and they are entitled to their opinion. They are also free to tap that “unfollow” button. #Justsayin’ 

I’ve been most recently blasted for posting a picture of my daughter with no shirt on. She just turned 6, was in the background of the pic and has 3 brothers who frequently remove theirs shirts to wrestle. To this I’ve got nothing to say. ?

Alllll of this is a precursor to what my post is really about because before I delve into that you need to know…not everyone is gonna agree with you 100% of the time. I cannot please the world, so I try and live for the approval of the One who created the world instead. 

And just remember…Jesus lived a perfect life and was constantly berated for not doing things the way others thought He should. As an imperfect person, I’m gonna receive the same…it all depends upon how you handle it. Take it to God, and ask Him if apologies should be made, forgiveness sought, or just your heart comforted by the King because of misinformed opinions. 

Now, when I first started telling people about plexus I was scared to death that people would think I was selling them a product. 

Nope. I’m not into sales. Been there in college at GAP, and I loathed it. So it’s definitely not sales for me. 

I’m telling my story. Because I felt so horrible and rotten and then so much better that I knew somewhere out there these products could help someone else too. And I can’t keep that to myself! So I SHARE vs SELL. 

I’m also a homeschool mama of four and my time to work any other job is severely limited. Add to that a husband who is frequently busy on the weekends, has random ministry things pop up, and writes a lot of lessons and sermons at night (like the 8 sermons he’s currently writing for a missions trip)…when does that leave me time to work outside the home? 

I grew up in a Pastor’s house, and my mom worked with my dad at the office. To this day she is still his assistant at Church. I LOVE this! It’s been amazing to watch all these years. A Pastor’s wife who is making an income and rocking as a mom. However, I’m a homeschool mom and can’t work outside the house. 

Where do we look for answers to life as a believer?? The Word of God. The Proverbs 31 woman is someone that we as women have been told for years to emulate…so let’s read vs 16-18. 

Verse 16 states that she has she has earnings, which means she has a job. If this were money given to her by her husband it wouldn’t be an earning, it would be money given to her by her husband. ☺️ We don’t know what kind of job she has, but something that brings in decent money because girlfriend just bought a field and plants a vineyard!

Verse 17 states that she’s energetic and a hard worker. Whatever she’s putting her hands to is exciting for her, and she pursues it well. 

Verse 18 states that her dealings are profitable. It’s ok to make money! As long as the money doesn’t grip your heart, you can rest assured that it’s Biblical to make money. 

It’s ok for me to have a job! It really is! It just looks different than a typical job because…I’m a homeschool mom and a Pastor’s wife. My job has to fit within the perimeters of those two things FIRST. Because my job comes secondary to my kiddos, and secondary to the calling placed on my husband’s life. 

Let’s chat about money, because trust me…someone is thinking it. So my salary with my company is pretty decent. You might be asking yourself what we do with extra money?? To which I say…that’s rather personal. But ok, let’s delve into it. 

A. See those cuties?? They are expensive. We save for college and enjoy little extras like piano lessons, soccer, and gymnastics/dance. Things that ordinarily we just never could afford. 

B. We bought a house that was barely out of foreclosure and is a hot mess. It needs a ton of work – we haven’t used our master bathroom shower in months bc of a major plumbing issue. So 6 people have shared one shower FOR MONTHS. ?

C. We’ve never taken a nice family vacation. Ever. We’ve finally planned a trip to D.C. and NYC this fall to show the kids some history and missions projects. We.cant.wait. And we aren’t flying. We are driving our youngest car, a 2006 Honda minivan. 

D. We’ve prayed for a long time that God would place on our hearts different ministries to give to, and are stoked about this!

E. Taxes. Enough said. ?

Also, I have a team of amazing ladies/men who stand with me. I get a chance to pour into my leaders on this team at least once a month. We open in prayer, we go through Scripture, we pray for each other, we talk about tithing…I will always use this “job” first and foremost as a ministry. And because the company I work for is in the private sector we can speak the name of Jesus EVERYTIME we are gathered together! At our convention this year the name of Jesus was praised over and over again. I’m proud to stand with a team that gets to do this freely when so many companies stifle this today. 

So are you a minister’s wife contemplating network marketing? I say go for it! I do not work on the Sabbath, and I don’t want my team to either. I do not talk to people about my company at Churh unless they stop me and ask me about it. Then I typically let them know I can message them later about it or we can grab a meal together (I can now afford those!) and discuss it then. I don’t mind passing a sample onto someone who has asked for it at Church but not much more than that. 

Are you someone who doesn’t like that i tell others about these products? Consider this…when you’re sick (depression, insomnia, exhaustion, eczema, auto-immune diseases) who are you focused on? Typically you aren’t focused on others. Me getting healthy meant my attention wasn’t on “woe is me” and instead I got back to doing what I LOVE – serving others. 

So the next time you see a network marketer give them a high five! They are brave for doing what they do. They are pace setters in a culture that doesn’t quite understand this line of business yet. They are out there making money for their precious families…and my family is why I do this. My God has given me a way to help provide for these amazing people, and I can’t say “no” to something He has called me to. 



Can I be honest for a minute? Aren’t there days when you’d like to just crawl back under the covers, eat that entire chocolate cake, throw the kids into school because you’re fed up with homeschooling, or move away to a remote location where no one knows you…just me?? 😉
Truly we all have these thoughts because there are TONS of articles and books written on the subject – obviously there’s a need for someone to speak to this specific life circumstance.
You can’t live based off of and out of your emotions because they are ever changing. One day you love the idea of working out and eating well, the next day you love the idea of grabbing a coffee and donut. You change your thoughts, feelings, and heart based off of outside influences.
When you live based off of God’s Truth, you’re steadfast, unshakeable, and immovable no matter what is happening around you. MAN! I want to be that person – check please! I’ve found exactly what I want!
But that’s not how today has gone – mooooooody kids, driving all over town, IKEA with 4 kids (what was I thinking)…yes, Plexus helps make smarter food choices and gives me energy. However the outside circumstances in my life still make me want to crawl back in bed sometimes. I don’t want to hear sighs, and growls from kids that apparently are put out with me. For the 1000th time – SIT IN YOUR SEAT at dinner! It puts me in a wrong frame of mind. Right? Are you feeling me?

(PS – I need this on a t-shirt, mug or maybe even just tattooed on my forehead)

So I straight up googled, “not living based on emotions” and found this AMAZING Amy Carmichael quote. Praying that today it helps you make a victory over your circumstances too.
“If you would live in victory over the circumstances, great and small, that come to you each day…and if you want God’s life and power to well up from the depths of your being…then you must refuse to be dominated by the seen and the felt.”
– Amy Carmichael

In light of this let’s walk forward today in what is Truth (right) vs what just FEELS right. 
❤️ , CC

It’s summer!!

At least here in Florida – when it hits March 1 our neighborhood pool opens. And an open pool means summer. 

And summer means shorts, sandals, and tanks…actually you can wear that in the winter here too. ?

Look at these cute sandals I bought on CLEARANCE! Y’all. Pom-Pom sandals. But they aren’t worth bragging about it if I hadn’t gotten them for a cool $16. And my cat thinks she got a new toy. So win-win! 

Look at me getting dressed, fixing makeup (not fixing hair), and matching said cat. I try, y’all.  

It’s Thursday and because my husband is a minister we view this as our Friday! So we celebrate the weekend with pizza – I buy the dough from a store and then put everything together. 

We all look forward to it. ?? Not true. I really am sick of pizza – so at the advice of a friend I’m going to halve a bell pepper, and make my own ?! Can’t wait to see how it goes!

I decided to paint our master bath today – not sure why I chose today, but I’ve been sick of the color since the day I originally painted it. Eek! 

The original color is the darker green – it’s actually a lovely color, but not in my small bathroom. So I’m changing it to the lighter color, SW sea salt. I cut in, and my husband gets to roll tomorrow. Typically I try and get it ALL done myself. But in the spirit of honesty I know I won’t be a Godly mom if I add much more to my plate for the day. 

And this happened…

So while I try and figure out how to fix this mess, I’m wishing you a wonderful Thursday evening!! ?

❤️, Court

Some moms can do it all (that’s not me)

I have friends and family tell me often, “I don’t know how you do it all!” And I think that’s hilarious! No one can do it all, least of all me. 

Let me tell you who I really am in my flesh…an extroverted introvert who is not high energy. I can be the life of the party, cracking jokes, hair and makeup done…and within about 4 hours of being at an event (church, missions project, school function, etc) I’ve maxed out and need a safe space to be alone. It’s just me, it’s who I am. 

I’m home most everyday with 3-4 kids, homeschooling, running them to sports/classes, meal planning, dealing with a seriously anxious and neurotic dog,  being a minister’s wife, and oh yeah – running a small business. 

Wanna know how I do it all? 

I’m not Suzy homemaker. I used to be crazy OCD about having a clean house. 

Not anymore. 

I just don’t have the time. I’ve hired a cleaner off and on, and I love her but I find myself cleaning the house before she arrives so she won’t think we are too disgusting. Smh. I mean, we aren’t gross, it’s just that there’s probably piles of laundry, a sink full of dishes, and unmade beds. But this is how we roll these days. I’m in full on survival mode. 

It would be considerably less “survival mode” if it weren’t for my husband – who frequently does laundry and dishes. Seriously. He’s not perfect, but dang…he’s a pretty good one!

I’m in the stage of life where my kids.break.everything. Like every morning I wake up and question what’s going to break today?  

Last month alone – my 3 year old swung from a towel bar (naked) and ripped it out of the wall. Some kid (because they all deny it) broke my amazing dyson vacuum in TWO places overnight. Poof. Literally ruined overnight. My crockpot (the second one in 6 months) broken. Dog bed, shredded. Stair railing pulled out of the wall,

carpet torn up, laminate floors with yet more dings, and a favorite lamp completely ruined. 

I’ve just listed the reasons why we live an hour from Disney yet never go. This mama is constantly replacing broken things. 

So, after reading this post please tell me I have it all together. Ha! People who think this I don’t think truly know me, because it couldn’t be further from the truth. Those closest to me should be in awe that this hot mess has survived another day. The next time you see me put together, help me thank my husband who most likely gathered the kids for a team meeting and begged them to let mommy fix her hair and makeup. 

Teamwork makes the dream work. 

You know what I can do? Work my business when the kids are occupied for a hot minute. Meal plan, wipe counters, and load the dish washer while they are sitting to eat lunch. I can utilize their little tails and get them to unload said dishwasher, take the trash out, and mop…I’m the only one using our vacuum these days. 

I try to utilize my time well. In fact this blog post is being written while my 3 year old is in timeout. 

And look….a half painted wall that one day will be painted. When I hire a painter. 

No one has it all together. We just all have different passions, abilities, and talents. Mine is not being a homemaker. I’m confident in the things God has given me gifts in…I love making soup for a mama that’s sick or just had a baby. I love helping people find out about plexus products that can help their bodies. I love sitting down and reading books to my kids. I don’t love teaching math, so recently we’ve decided to move to a match curriculum that teaches itself! ? (all the heart eyes!!) 

Let go of that which has been burdening you as a mom. Don’t like putting together killer Valentine’s boxes, don’t enjoy making gourmet meals, hate trying to make every meeting you’re asked to attend? Sing like Elsa, and let it go. 

❤️, Courtney 

Working out as a busy mom

So I have four kiddos – all less than or just over 2 years apart. 

I’ve always loved working out and staying active. I saw my mom workout through the years, and I guess it just became a way of life for me! Even when I lived overseas in the Middle East I joined a gym and walked everywhere I needed to go. 

I’m not one for giving advice because I SURELY don’t have it all together, but thought I’d pass on what I did for workouts through the years. 

 I think we’ve just about seen every scenario…(maybe not, but close) except we’ve never paid for a trainer. I’d love to, but it’s still not in the budget at this point and I don’t think they are necessary. Especially with all of the inexpensive and free YouTube videos these days!

Disclaimers – if you are pregnant and haven’t worked out before, I recommend checking with your doctor first. Also, I’ve never lived near family to help me with the kids while working out, and we have never had enough money to pay a sitter for my workouts. 

(Pregnant with our 4th)

 I was used to working out before pregnancies so when I became pregnant with my first child, I walked 45 minutes to an hour each day and would go to our seminary gym to use weight machines. 

When my son was born, I strapped him into a stroller as soon as I was cleared and began walking again. 

We lived in KY at this point and the winters were brutal! But I bundled that baby up, and set out for walks unless it was snowing and icy.  I loved getting out and just walking the streets (that’s going to be a constant in this post). 

I would walk up to our seminary after my long walks and put my son in the stroller beside me while I went from machine to machine. He preferred being pushed so I only got about 20-30 min at the gym but it was enough! 

As he got old enough to really walk well, I’d let him toddle around for 20 min on our walks, it would really tire him out and then I could walk. When he got big enough to not sit in a stroller for my gym time, I’d plan to meet my husband at the gym and he’d take him to the indoor track and run him around while I lifted, then we traded off and he got his workout in. 

This worked great…and then we got pregnant and moved from the seminary. So I thought I’d lost my gym…but the house we rented in GA had a (very) small gym but it was enough to work. 

Again I’d walk, walk, walk A LOT, let my son play on the playground halfway through the walk…and then took a toy for him to play with while I lifted for a few minutes. 

With each pregnancy I worked out right up until I gave birth. I felt great and it kept me active. 

When my second son was born and I was cleared to workout and started back with the walking again. 

I know the baby looks uncomfortable but you can see in the below pic I ended up using the head guard thing and it worked out great! Right before I birthed my second son I used gift cards and the generosity of my mom to get the double stroller. Huge help!! I loved this stroller too bc I could play my iPod and they could hear the music. 

(If you’re worried about your babies head I think they make double strollers now that you can use with a car seat). 

So a small gym without my husband to help with the boys became impossible for me to go to. In addition to the walking (still close to an hour, and some days more), i started doing yoga. I LOVE this yoga!! So good! I would do this while they went down for naps, if they didn’t nap together I’d put the baby in a bouncy seat and he watched me. ?

We moved from GA to FL and ended up very close to a YMCA that had an awesome kids gym. So I could now workout and the kids were occupied. Brilliant!  

Wouldn’t you know it…not long after that I got pregnant again!

This time a little girl, and though we had the gym I also got into using P90X (bought on eBay for $60) and running with her when the boys were in our Church’s preschool. It was so great!! I loved this combo! I combined all of this with gym time and the spin class they offered. Loved that!! It totally changed my shape of my legs. 

And through the years these are still my most favorite workouts – gym, running, P90X, and yoga. 

Guess what happened?? Right. We got pregnant. Again, I worked out until 39 weeks and this is when working out post partum started to go downhill. It was hard juggling 4 kids and trying to find time to workout. I’d wake up crazy early, pop the baby in a stroller and take off for an hour walk…then come back and try and get some p90x done. 

By this point we moved again, I think the baby was 6 months. I lost the amazing YMCA, and we were struggling to figure out a fitness plan. I was also struggling with postpartum depression, I had crazy low energy, insomnia, and a baby who at over a year still wasn’t sleeping through the night. ? Hard times, y’all. 

I started plexus – it’s a line of all natural healthcare products aimed at getting to the root of your health issues. I began sleeping, dropped weight, and felt like myself again. We joined LA Fitness because the YMCA in the new area became way too expensive! There are 3 LA Fitnesses in the area we live in and we only like one of the childcare facilities. So to that one we go! It’s about $72/month for our family to go. And working out is a priority so we spend that money. 

Also, Christmas 2 years ago my husband and I asked for bikes from my parents. Honestly, it’s been the best gift we’ve gotten from them. Whether I use it for exercise or we bike around with the kids those things get some good use!

Today I can leave the oldest 3 at home by themselves for a 35 min bike ride or run. My youngest goes to preschool 3x/week and I can use the mornings between homeschool to still get some good exercise in. 

Here’s an example of my workout today – still using P90X, and today I did plyometrics to help with my running endurance. 

The kids love “working out” with me – I clear out the guest room/office and I use it as a space to do workout videos. They were using different items from around the house to mimic my swing kicks- I was swing kicking over a dollhouse. Use what ya got. 

My second son is sick and he laid down on the bed just watching me. 

The kids are still young, but we figure it out and make it work. I think my youngest riding a bike is a game changer too. 

I can walk/run behind him. I love that through the years God has always provided a way for us to workout, and the the kids see health is a priority. It’s something my husband and I both think is important so when one of us needs to give the other time to get a workout in…the other spouse is completely understanding. 

Utilize videos, inexpensive gyms with childcare, a loving spouse, kids naptimes/baby gates/pack n plays/strollers (buy them at consignment like we have!), and family if you’re so lucky they are close to you. Do it because it makes you feel better, heck…somedays it was the only thing that made me feel human. Listen to sermons on podcasts, audio books, music or just silence. 

These days I usually have to make the choice between a workout or getting dressed and wearing makeup daily. Most days I choose the workout. ?

It’s not going to look perfect, its not going to look the same as pre-pregnancy. But you definitely can keep working out! I hope this has helped! 

❤️, Court

Cross training day, anniversaries, and prayer

Until my new tennies come in, I’m using the next couple of days as cross training days. Today, I pumped the tires on my bike (errr….my neighbor took pity on me and pumped them instead ?), and set off  on my favorite route. 

It’s GORGEOUS here today, and honestly I could have gone further if I had taken a bit of water with me. 

Tomorrow I’m planning on doing some kind of plyometrics. Which I’m slightly dreading, but also thankful because I know it will increase my endurance for running. 

First thing this morning I placed a call to our favorite Clinic because one of my son’s woke up with a fever. 

Now armed with a prescription, Epsom salts, essential oils, and plexus probiotics should have him up and running soon!

We are celebrating 12 years this Sunday with my sweet husband. 8 moves, 4 states, 4 kids, 5 animals, and several hair colors later we are still married, still happy and in love. 

Our anniversary always falls during our Church’s missions conference, and since my husband is the local missions Pastor….we always celebrate early. Last weekend we took off for St. Petersburg. We enjoyed a walk on the beach, a couples massage, and dinner at Stillwater Taverns (which I highly recommend!!). 

Tomorrow all over Tampa Bay there will be prayer walkers lifting up neighbors and businesses. God can do amazing things when His people pray – so we are excited to see all that He will do! If you’ve ever wanted to increase your prayer life I recommend reading through Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson. It’s excellent!

Have a wonderful Friday, I pray your area of the country is just as lovely as mine is today!

❤️, Court

Running shoes

When I mentioned I was going to start running, I had several friends tell me I needed to go get fitted for the proper running shoes. 

Of course I knew they were right BUT before I spent a chunk of change, I really wanted to make sure that I was gonna stick with this new found hobby. I started on Christmas Day, and have steadily increased my speed and endurance. 

So I went this afternoon to a running store in Lutz and the lady was SO nice! She watched me walk, and then run…in a dress. Whatever, it worked because she claimed to find the right one for me. Apparently I walk on the outside of my feet, but run straight. Who knew?!

Sadly, they didn’t have in the shoe that she wanted me in – to the tune of $120. So I googled it on the way home and found out that a store I frequent often not only had them but also had them for way less…$75!! And wouldn’t you know it, I also had a gift card to said store!

All totaled I paid $39 for the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16! Super pumped! And I don’t feel guilty for not purchasing them from the store since they didn’t have them in!

Major win today, my friends! After 1-3 shipping days my feet will hit the ground running again. Until then, its biking or plyometrics for me!

Another major win is this beauty…my newest niece! She’s just lovely! I found out she was born right before my run, so I spent some time praying for she and her sweet mom while running! 

Today has been great!

❤️, Court

Seeing no Manatees

There’s a power plant up here in Tampa called TECO. The warm water they pump back into the Bay Area is loved by the manatees in the winter when the sea water is cold. We’ve heard about it for a while, and yesterday seemed like a great day to go visit!

Look at that 3 year old stinker! He’s crazy, and definitely keeps us on our toes. But how boring life would be without him!

We walked through the mangroves, which I absolutely love! Saw lots of tarpon, some stripe fish, and my kids swear they saw a shark. IDK. 

We also got to pet some sting rays in a tank! 

The one thing that didn’t happen? A manatee siting. Our temps here are still in the 70’s and I think if we go back when it drops a bit then we will have better luck. 

It’s the perfect place to take younger kids – very safe, and so many docents around to answer questions! I highly recommend it, plus it’s FREE! Ya can’t beat that!

No training updates yet – I forgot they my older boys start football tonight, and I’m planning to go to our gym for an hour to workout. 

Have a blessed day!

❤️, Court